"Look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Be curious. "

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send me a color on anon

  • Deep Red - I request your company for pizza.
  • Red - We should watch anime together
  • Pink - I rather like your face
  • Blue - You’re beautiful
  • Rose - Your blog is great
  • Purple - You’re hotter than the southern hemisphere
  • Plum - I would fuck you.
  • Violet - I would date you.
  • Aqua - I'm rather fond of your blog
  • Lavender - You are my tumblr crush.
  • Orange - We should hook up
  • Tangerine - We don't have much in common but we should fuck anyway
  • Amber - Notice me
  • Cream - We don't talk, but your blog is A+

"And then she told herself, “Stop being so weak. Grow up and get over it.” and then she never felt anything again. "

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